2016. november 3., csütörtök

Blue as the summer sky

This time i would like to show you guys a really special peace of my wardrobe. I am really not the person who wears colours especially not intensive colours. Or if I do i combinate it with black/netural colours. BUT NOT NOW, and i really felt the vibrating power i had! So I choosed this amazing dress by Andrea Szanyi (http://andreaszanyi.com/hu/) and combinated with this dirty pink backpack which I made under the logo of Hungry Wolf. ( you can check my clothes and bags on instagram -hungrywolfhungary or on facebook- hungry wolf clothing)

 Just as in my latest post i felt like somebody who went back to the past. This time i (tell me if im wrong) feel like a piece of 70's but i can't truly say it's that. I added my lovely hat i bought in stradivarius. I often search for accessories when i don't feel my look completed.

ALL IN ALL i love this look because it's got that power, it's hobo but still classy. I loved that my hands were covered (cause if it's not covered u probably have to be skinny-or don't give a shit about your plus size!!)

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